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OnSite Fleet Services of Texas would like to invite you to experience a new way to have your fleet vehicles serviced. One call will have one of our highly experienced mechanics on their way to perform the vehicle maintenance services you require. Since our vehicles carry on-board computer diagnostic equipment, you can be assured that you'll receive quick, accurate repairs.

OnSite Fleet Services of Texas We offer Preventative Maintenance Programs personalized for your business needs to ensure we keep your fleet of trucks, vans, buses, and other vehicles on the road working for you. Helping fleets operate safely, run efficiently, remain on the road, and stay out of the shop.


OnSite Fleet Services of Texas Our maintenance schedule software tracks for you when each vehicle is due for service based on your particular needs and the truck’s usage patterns. When a vehicle is due for service, we call to schedule an on-site appointment, allowing you to keep vehicles on the road during your peak business hours. We will send you, at no charge, a scheduling sheet monthly so that you can see when a vehicle is coming due for service. We maintain a file on each vehicle containing preventative maintenance and vehicle repair records, easily accessible at your request. This eliminates the need for managers to worry about their fleet’s service maintenance and gives them immediate vehicle information on servicing and vehicle status.


TOnSite Fleet Services of Texas is specializes on the work that extends the life of your vehicle. We greatly reduce breakdowns and corrective maintenance costs. We will contact you to schedule services which include oil changes, filter replacement, clutch adjustments, checking gear oil levels, lubrication of chassis and moving components, inspection of charging system, measurement of brake pads and shoes, adjustment of air brakes, transmission services, and replacement and repair of all lighting and electrical systems. During our service, we perform over 26 functions to keep your vehicles in compliance with federal regulations.


  • Premium Customer Service
  • We Bring Service to You
  • Eliminate Service Headaches
  • Heavy Duty Equipment Maintenance


  • Reduce Vehicle Down Time
  • Eliminate Drop-off/Pick-Up Hassles
  • Preventive Maintenance Checklist


  • Family owned & Operated
  • Integrity Always!
  • Unique Power Oil Drain System Available
  • National Parts, Products & Labor Guarantee
  • Experienced ASE Certified Diesel & Gas Technicians
  • Fully Insured
  • Clean & Environmentally Friendly

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When it comes to your Diesel Truck Repairs and Fleet Maintenance Programs, you can’t afford to go with just anyone. Teaming up with a reliable OnSite Fleet Services of Texas will give you peace of mind. Invest in quality fleet service in Arlington, Grand Prairie, Irving, Dallas and many more areas in TX

As a leader in heavy duty semi-truck repair, engine, transmission and drive-line service and repair, we guarantee clients with the best, timely and efficient service making their investments worth it. Contact us now and experience the best fleet service! Call us at (817-462-1532) today!

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