Mobile Diesel Repair in Irving

OnSite Fleet Services of Texas employs skilled technicians that are specially trained to repair heavy and medium-duty diesel engines and machinery. What’s more, we offer our unparalleled, completely mobile diesel repair services.

We keep your commercial vehicles running smoothly, so your business operations run smoothly too. Call us today at (817) 462-1532 for exceptional repair service at competitive rates.


Comprehensive Mobile Diesel Service

We are a full-service auto repair company, and we’ve seen it all. Be it a humidity reaction, a defective glow plug, or a failing lead-acid storage battery, we have the skills and resources to repair any issue with your diesel truck. We specialize in a number of mobile diesel repairs including:

  • Brakes
  • Steering
  • Suspension
  • Lift Gates
  • Hydraulics
  • Tires
  • Drivelines

Did we mention that we don’t only service trucks? If you have a diesel tractor that’s run down, don’t hesitate to ask us our friendly mobile diesel mechanic. We’re sure we can get any diesel machinery back up and running in no time. Contact us today for more information on our mechanical services.

A Team of Mobile Diesel Repair Experts

If your rig breaks down, you cannot afford to waste any time. Nor can you afford to have a half-rate repair job done on your truck. You need an expert team who will be there in a hurry. We are committed to providing excellent services and applying the expertise that you need. Over the years, we have refined our craft and brought it to a level that is suitable for your heavy-duty needs. We have seen all manner of diesel issues and have not been stumped yet.

We understand that your job is time-sensitive, we feel the same about ours. If you are in a rush – so are we. Once we show up, you will be served by an expert who will get you back out on the open road in no time. Every member of our team has been hired with the prerequisite of being a diesel repair specialist, which means you will not get anything less than the best when you hire our team. We are committed to providing our clients with the highest level of customer service possible. For us, good customer service means providing expert service.

Throughout our time in business, we have seen and performed so many emergency mobile diesel repair jobs that we are confident we can fix your problem. If you need help getting back on the right, get in touch with our team today—we are always available at (817) 462-1532.

Reasonable Mobile Diesel Repair Rates

When your truck breaks down unexpectedly, the last thing you need is to blow your budget. Let’s face it, if your truck has broken down on the way to a delivery, you are probably already losing money. The last thing we want to be is a bigger financial burden than we need to be. We want you to remember the service we provided you, not how long it took you to pay off the bill.

When we show up, we are committed to getting you back on the road without breaking the bank. Providing you excellent service at competitive prices is something we are proud to offer. When your diesel breaks down, get in touch with our team. We look forward to your call.

Mobile Diesel Truck Repair

What’s better than a trustworthy diesel mechanic? A trusted, mobile diesel mechanic. All the quality assurance and expertise that you find in our shop, our technicians provide on the road.

There are significant advantages to using our mobile service instead of our in-shop team. For example, if you have a large fleet of trucks with several in disrepair, our mobile technician can service multiple trucks on your lot in one appointment. Whereas in-shop, a multi-truck job may require numerous appointments. Avoid unscheduled downtime and save money by utilizing our mobile services today.

Our technicians will arrive in a truck that is fully-equipped with all the tools and materials they’ll need for the job. So when we diagnose the problem, we don’t waste time running back and forth from the shop for the right repair parts. We’ll have all we need right there with us. Get in touch with us today for a same-day appointment. We’ll send someone out to you right away!

What to Expect from Our Mobile Diesel Repair Service

The days of breaking down and having to wait for a tow truck are gone. Our mobile diesel repair service minimizes waiting times and enables us to get to work on your diesel truck right away, so you can get the quick service you need. Our mobile diesel technicians will come straight to you, fix your truck, and get you back out on the road right away.

We pride ourselves on providing efficient truck repairs. When you call us, we will come well-equipped with our repair truck which is capable of fixing even the biggest heavy-duty vehicles. We will get to know you and your vehicle’s needs, provide all the necessary repairs, and even give you tips on preventative maintenance that could help in the future.

If you need our assistance, please do not hesitate to call – we are happy to help!

Mobile Diesel Solutions in a Pinch: Emergency Roadside Assistance

When emergencies happen, you can count on us to be available. In the case of a mid-delivery breakdown, save on the cost of a tow truck by calling our mobile technician. We’ll come to you with all the necessary tools and repair your diesel engine on the spot! Save money, minimize downtime, and get back on the road faster.

Call Your Trusted Mobile Diesel Mechanic Today

We’ve been in the auto repair industry for a long time. All our mobile diesel technicians are skilled, certified, and experienced mechanics. They are the fastest in the business at diagnosing and fixing heavy-duty machinery. They’ll provide the repair you need, when and where you need it.

Don’t let a repair issue bog down your shipping schedule. Make sure your company operates at full capacity and meets its time deadlines. Make sure that when you need diesel repair, you contact OnSite Fleet Services of Texas.